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It has only taken five years but fiinally we've managed to get mates Les and Eslyn to visit with John and Annette at Coolangatta. We recently spent two nights with them in their apartment and also managed a quick visit to the country residence at Jimboomba on our way home.Thank you John and Annette for your hospitality.Unfortunately the drive is getting more difficult each time.

The swimming season has closed at Charleville so after putting the pool into its "shut down" mode and completing the necessary paperwork Sue and Mick will be on holidays and we will see them back here.Sue recently flew to Perth to spend a few days with her mate Narelle who has turned fifty years of age. They've been mates since year 8 at Ipswich Girls Grammar School about 1982

Steve had another few nights in the Baltics during the month but the family is spending more time at Tata these days and learning how to grow wine grapes and various stone fruits.

Caught up with Marg's sister Jean and husband John over Easter at nephew Bruce's place when Bruce's sister Kathy and husband Drew brought them up from Brisbane for the day. The drive from Brisbane is too difficult for them now as they approach their nineties. Had a great lunch and a great chat. Bruce's other sister Janette also came from Brisbane for the day with her two children.Thank you Bruce and Anne for making your house available as a meeting point and for providing great food.

April has been a very dry month for us again.None of the rain that has fallen in southern Queensland has been in this area. The temperatures have not been as high as in the summer however so the grass is still green but winter frosts will change that.

With our Federal election coming closer I have yet to see who the candidates for our electorate are. The current representative has a few signs around seeking re-election and I believe there are six nominations but it's  difficult to check on their credentials when one doesn't know who they are. There are a number of electorates who have found out after electing someone they have made a bad selection because all information about the candidate has not been sought or known before the election.

Manufacturers should be responsible for the disposal of all the  packaging associated with their products. Thus bottles, etc should be returned to the manufacturer for disposal by them and all at their expense.In short, unless a product can show "Zero Environmental Packaging Impact"or ZEPI, it should not be allowed to be produced.

Until next time,



Sue with the birthday girl in WA recently