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July 2024

It's been a month of emotional highs amd lows. Maybe not so smart anymore either as had to have one of my wisdom teeth removed...not serious folks.Highs have come from having most of the family here to help celebrate my birthday, and to see daughter Sue and grand daughter Jess both collect new cars  from a local dealer.  Son Steve is also home briefly..He had notified his tenant some months ago that he would have to vacate by 3 June but on returning home has found the tenant has not vacated  so Steve is unable to inspect and organise necessary repairs etc.

On the downside and also a blessing was the death of Marg's sister Lyn whose health has been steadily declining for many years meaning her quality of life had deteriorated  immensely. Husband Darryl had coped at home as long as he possibly could but her final days were spent in palliatuve care in a nursing home.

Also on the downside was the illness I've had of head cold and chesty cough. I didn't get to attend Lyn's funeral which was a two hour drive away from here in the town of Murgon but thanks to nephew Bruce for driving Marg, Steve and Sue to and from the funeral.

For my birthday all in town came to Platz Street for morning tea with a birthday cake and then we went to an outdoor restaurant area where the children could play in a playground for an enjoyable lunch.Thank you family as I have many happy memories of the day.

Once we could rely upon the government to be looking after the constituents and trust  everything they introduced. Today governments are more concerned with looking after themselves and not really checking out what society is introducing around them or the impact of such new items.

Hopefully one set of figures I saw recently are not correct. These said the builders of wind turbines are paid half a million dollars per year for operating costs and the land owner is paid $12 000 per year for the lease of each pad, Has anyone seen true figures on any of these features?

Until next time, 




Merv with his five great-grandchildren,Parker, Alfred, Hamilton, Billy and Lola on his birthday.