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September 2021

Well the calendar says it's spring but it doesn't feel that way to me. It's been a cold winter to me and August was dry with only two falls of rain for a mere 8 mm.

David's arm has healed well and he had the old hard cast off and the pins out and then replaced by a soft cast for a couple of weeks. Apparently he's now castless. Steve has been in hospital for tests but all but blood pressure seems to be good. Think his tablets are being changed but not sure. Steve and Timi also celebrated their fifteenth wedding anniversary during the month.

Billy celebrated his third birthday during the month but there was no party. The Gold Coast was in lockdown for some time but once lock down was lifted Jess and the kids came to visit as did Catie and kids and even Grandma Sue came in for a few nights returning home with Mick in his new Nissan Navara dual cab on the Monday morning.

My eyes continue to be a problem. The left eye which has been receiving injections every six to eight weeks is drying well but the right eye has now developed wet macula degeneration and injections have now started in it as well. However my latest cystoscopy  has revealed no cancer cells so the regular tests have been extended from 3 monthly to 6 monthly intervals so all free until February on that front.

One of the things I agreed with Donald Trump about was "Fake News" but I'd call it "Misinformation". Unfortunately many people are being misinformed by reading articles in the media which they assume are written by people who know what they are talking about but are in fact written by folk with  little or no knowledge of the subject and certainly should not be believed. TV journalists are also being deceived and then adding credence to the fraudulent writers in their various shows. In short, don't believe all you read or all you hear until you have checked it thoroughly.

Strawberry jam on sliced cheese makes a sandwich which will prevent Covid infection. If you believe that re-read the paragraph above.

Until next time become sceptical of all you read





David now has all casts off but here he had a removable support for a couple of weeks.