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October, 2020

Have had both lenses replaced and my current prescription glasses are now a waste of time as my eyes have improved and I've been advised to wait a month to allow things to heal before they prescribe new  glasses.Also had to have another cystoscopy to check the bladder and a further three treatments are scheduled weekly this month.

Sue managed to spend a long weekend with her grandkids before beginning the swimming season. She caught the bus to Oakey where she collected us and our car and we proceeded to the Gold Coast for three nights and Sue caught the 9-30 am bus from Oakey to Charleville arriving back there at 7-30pm. Unfortunately we missed great-nephew Ben's 18th birthday celebrations in Toowoomba during that time.

Connor and Jess came to Toowoomba to visit Connor's grandmother who is unwell so they visited on Father's Day and Billy came in witha plastic bag containing 3 goldfish and the message that I'm to call them Parker, Billy and Lola..I'm pleased to advise that the three fish are going well.

Marg and I were also given a new form of the pneumonia injection for older individuals. This should avoid the need for any further injections of this type.

I wish reporters would be accurate in their reporting.They keep talking about "Climate Change" as if it's something new whereas it has been occurring since the earth began. What they are referring to is "Increased Climate Change" possibly as a result of human  habitation. There is no doubt Climate Change is occurring but there is considerable room for argument about Increased Climate Change

Also have a problem with TV reporters who recently had an article about a woman stabbiing a man in front of their children and what effect this might have on them and then proceeded to show the actual incident on TV to millions of viewers many of whom must have been children...

Until next time, be tolerant of one another's beliefs and actions and remember it's doubtful you're always right.

Identical ages, Lola and Billy but which is which??  Think Billy is on the left.