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April, 2021


With  Nick's and Catie's baby due in late March, Sue rented the same beach unit we had last year for the Pyke baby's arrival. Baby Harvey decided to arrive a fortnight prior to his expected date so luckily we were in place early. Sue came to Oakey by bus and then drove us on to Nobbys Beach. Catie and Parker drove down from Brisbane to be near the personnel she'd been working with before they returned to live in Brisbane recently.As you can read elsewhere,  Hamilton James Harvey arrived  after a few  problems on 11 March and returned bome a few days later and has been a good baby to date.

It has also been a chance to see the Garner's new home and to participate in a number of family functions. Covid was quiet for most of the time but has broken out again at the moment so we're fully expecting more "lock downs".

John and Annette set off on a caravan trip during the month but were chased home by the bad flooding in the area of New South Wales  where they were . 


My computer crashed again this visit so I'm using Sue's computer which I really have trouble trying to operate because of its smaller size and different setups. Steve did manage to add the necessary folders I needed to allow me to  produce this month's Kerkswhat. Thanks Steve

With four small children in the unit a lot of the time  one is reminded of the difficult process of training children. People have differing views on how to achieve the same outcome and many folk have differing outcomes in mind so each must find their own way and most do so quite successfully. Probably the most important suggestions I would make would be never to make threats  you cannot or have no intention of keeping and to be consistent. If you expect a certain standard then expect it always.

Until next time,



Family gathering for lunch at Nobbys Surfclubhouse for Darren's (ftront row, kneeling) fiftieth birthday