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July, 2019

Well another year older and heading for debt and one month of our time here already gone.

Thanks for best wishes and the expensive presents from family members. Had a good day. Also had a beaut early lunch the day before at the new Turul Monument restaurant overlooking Tatabanya.It was 36 degrees outside the air conditioned room.

Have spent a lot of time at Tata and cut a lot of grape vines even if I wasn't sure what I was doing.The cherries proved to be a bit of a disaster as there was a tree full of fruit one week and a tree full of mouldy fruit the next, Glad we had a few very large helpings from a different tree when we first got here. The weather has not been kind to the fruit growers with too much wet slowing the growth or allowing fungus to grow.

David had a karate camp for the first week of his holidays and went along each day. He's had a water activities camp here at Tata for the second week...Not sure what's planned for the coming week.

Steve has had a number of trips back to Budapest from here. It's a forty to seventy minute run depending on traffic on the motorway.He's been mowing and cleaning the latest acquisition of land at Baj when opportunities arrive.

Australian family members have been keeping in contact and Sue and Mick seem to have had a great time in Victoria on the Great Ocean Road and in the Snowy Mountain area as well as Melbourne city.Currently they are holidaying with some other family members at Burrum Heads. Enjoy the beach..

Liked a comment I saw somewhere that the best way to help prospective immigrants is to make them comfortable in their current homeland.

The moral code within Australia continues to flounder as different groups misinterpret what that code may be or mean. Further confusion is caused by acceptance of changes to that code by the majority of the community and the fact that politicians continue to ignore it and the churches continue to lose their influence. Surely the time has come for a group with one representative from every Australian Local Government Area to be set up to provide the parliament with actual motions of suitable legislation to be passed into law which is then very clear to all. Such a group may meet together once a year but would mostly conduct business from home via the internet.

Finally I have difficulty with the actions of people who have a problem with Australia's  six coal fired power stations when there are five hundred new ones being built around the world at this time.

Until next time..Loved the comment from Granddaughter Jess, "Kids are  hard work.". Yes Jess they are , and that continues for much of their life in some cases.




Stopped at a hotel overlooking a small village near Esztergom for coffee and Marg ordered a slice of cheesecake. It came on a silver platter and is hidden by the pile of cream and berry dressing with slices of orange one end and five corners the other...Tasted very good too.