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June 2024


Was a sad time last week when the vet agreed Maggie the dog, family pet for nearly fifteen years,was suffering too much from heart and breathing problems and it would be kinder to  put her to sleep permanently. Maggie was the third dog Marg and I have had in our family life and some of you will remember Tinker Bell, our fox terrier when we got married. Then came Cindy the cocker spaniel when Steve and Sue were children and  then Maggie the Maltese who lived mostly with Sue and then Jess.

Slept in the new house at Burrum Heads  for the first time during the month.Though all the furniture was not there, beds were. So was Mick who is now looking for a new job and hopefully in the area close to Burrum Heads. It was a great place to stay.

John and Annette took us to Murgon to visit with Darryl and Lyn also. Lyn is now confined to a nursing home as Parkinsons Disease and Dementia continue to cause her severe problems.John also took us for a drive through my old home area at Woroonden a place none of you have ever heard of.Surprisingly my maternal great-grandfather had a selection next door to where we later lived. My grandfather lived there as a boy and showed me exactly where their shack used to be.

I hardly ever used sunscreen as a child or even as an adult I guess, but now I'm paying for it by having to have carcinomas cut out of my skin, particularly my right arm. I can only recommend that all young ones get into the habit of using sun screen protection whenever going into the sun.

Is good to see some authorities are beginning to doubt the outcomes achieved by allowing young children to have access to smart phones and I'd add computers there also. Just because something is new  doesn't make it smart to totally accept it, Check carefully who endorses it and whether they actually are qualified to do so.

Making the companies behind web sites responsible for the damage caused by scammers using their site also seems a step in the right direction to me and should force owners to tighten up their programs for legal usage only.

I think there are three types of criticism that those in positions of authority must learn to handle,These are Just, Unjust and Idiotic. One must learn to correctly identify which area the criticism belongs and ignore the Idiotic and Unjust and learn from the Just and perhaps change one's behaviours.Everyone will meet examples of all three types.

Bye for now,



Maggie, family pet, 9 November 2009 to 22 May 2024