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Aprl, 2020


 Jess is pregnant again and at their gender reveal party they found out they are having a daughter. Here's hoping all continues to go well. Jess is also out of work because of the virus so can spend time at home with Billy.At the moment Nick and Catie are still working and Parker going to Daycare but guess that could change at any time.

My left eye has always been stronger than my right but suddenly the vision has deteriorated greatly and an ophthalmologist informs me that my dry macula degeneration has turned to wet as blood vessels begin to dribble fluid where it shouldn't be. Apparently  a course of injections on a monthly basis helps to improve the eyesight in most cases but not all. Will see what eventuates as I begin the treatment this week

Mick has had to come to Toowoomba from Charleville to visit an orthopaedic surgeon because his knee is not improving from when he had a fall on some steps. He's on crutches.Mick has just rung from the doctor's to say he has to go into hospital tomorrow morning for surgery to find and repair a ruptured quad tendon  followed by six weeks in plaster and six months recuperating..

Certainly the current pandemic is something we could have all done without.Hopefully someone in authority will leave a copy of what to do when another such pandemic occurs so the government of the day has some guidelines available to them to successfully treat the community.Instead of tightening restrictions as one goes I think it's better to start at the toughest part and loosen the restrictions as things improve. 

People who publish stories that are not true should be charged with fraud.Many magazines and items online are pure rubbish  and need to be stopped.

Also wonder at a TV station doing an item on the bad effects of violence on children while showing a video of a man stabbing a woman which would have been viewed by thousands of children.

Anyhow may you all stay healthy, or recover quickly if the worst occurs, and can find ways to stay busy during isolation.






  Jess and Billy and growing daughter on the beach Baby is due in July.