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July, 2020

Today I opened an envelope from an old friend and on seeing a card inside bearing the digits 80 I felt compelled to check to whom it  was addressed . Then realised it surely was referring to me so like it or not I'm getting old. Have been thinking I was getting lazy because of a lack of motivation to get jobs done or suffering from a lack of fitness because of the need to stop what I'm doing and have a spell every short period. Fact is I think I feel the same as always at least some of the time so "Getting old"  is still a phenomenon I don't understand.I just give thanks that I've been given the chance to experience it.

Maintenance treatment for the removed tumour continued during the month with three more weekly treatments none of which were pleasant but nothing now until September. The eye injections continue on a six weekly schedule so I'm doing my bit to stimulate the economy.

Brother-in-law Johnhas had a knee worrying him for some time and had it replaced during the month and was home again after three days but pain killers are his friends at the moment and he's keeping up the allocated exercise program. He's doing his bit to stimulate the economy also.

Jess and Billy came up and surprised us with a visit for a couple of nights and kept Marg company while I was having one of my treatments.

Mick and Sue are back in this area for a while. Mick is on holidays and Sue has taken leave to get Mick to his visit to his surgeon and to be on hand when Jess's and Connor's new babe arrives in a couple of weeks.

The culture in America seems to be for those being interviewed by police to take any opportunity to fight back or run away.. Surely we need legislation here that punishes anyone not adhering to police directions without going to any court.eg. disobeying a police direction . 24 hours detention. Resisting police arrest..72 hours detention. and assaulting police 3 weeks detention.If you see it happening on TV it's only a matter of time before you will see it here.

I still don't understand why journalists today concentrate on one aspect of multifaceted incidents instead of presenting all aspects and allowing the population to decide what is right or wrong.Even the ABC doesn't do this anymore.Of course the emotional over reactions of a portion of the population in agreement with the aspect being emphasised by journalists is not necessarily good for the total communtiy either..Too many people are too involved in ensuring they look after themselves instead of thinking how their actions affect the whole village.

Until next time, try to get journalists to supply all sides of the story and let us decide what's needed.



Sisters caught up during the last month...Jean and Marg