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With Nick, Catie and Parker living 200 metres from Jessica, Connor , Billy and Lola it's easy to visit both once one is there. The pictures used here are mainly from Sue, Catie and Jess. Sue made a short visit before the full swimming season began to visit with her grandchildren and took us along as well.Keep the pics coming please girls.

Sue's kids and grandkids

Sue, (Mick in background),and kids

Catie and Jess with the kids at the beach

Lola and Jessica

Sue with Lola

Great-grandmother Margaret and Lola

Great-niece Millie with Lola..(Lost this pic last edition)

Parker and Lola

Emily and Jessica with Lola

great Aunt Allison (Tom's Sister) with Lola

Great-great-Uncle John, (Marg's brother) with Lola

John and Lola

Great-great-Aunt Annette helping Billy with a problem while Lola sleeps

Let Jess know you're coming and she'll have hot biscuits waiting for you.

Snacks and meals good too. Think it's mini-quiche and potato bake.

Catie, Connor and Jessica with cocktails made by Connor.



Something tickled Lola's fancy..

a thoughtful Lola

Billy, Lola, and Parker

Billy shows Lola how to use the objects hanging above her.

Parker out driving

Parker on rocks at a beach

Parker with socks she dyed at a craft day

Parker and Billy painting

Billy looks for somewhere to place his hands...

Parker and Billy

Billy and Parker on a chair beside the pool.

Sue in the pool with Billy and Parker