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Well from Marg's phone actually and taken in the last short time but no escaping those little ones.

Catie, Parker and Nick

Nick and Parker

I've got watermelon and you've got an ice-cream..want to swap??

One birthday cake for Daddy and one for Parker.

One chair for Daddy and one for Parker.

Playing Lego with Dad

Nick and Pa

Nick and Pa work in the garden

Nick working on sealing a leaky roof.

Pa and Nick playing crib

The first tinge of green begins to show after the recent rain

a few days later..

Friend Mick doesn't like to see attractive features of old buildings lost so has collected bits to make a shed..this one.

Mick inside his winter pizza/barbecue shed.

Mick inside his extremely neat tool shed..He's an ex-carpenter before army service.

Don't let your wives get anywhere near his sheds ....

Marg and Billy

After a week it greened up quite a bit

Three generations, Ma, Mum and Billy

Sue, Jess, Uncle John and Billy

Pa and Billy dressed to go out.

Pa and Billy watching the goldfish

Pa plays with Billy on the floor

Parker on her "kick along" bike

Flower of the dragon fruit

The dragon fruit fruit. Unfortunately the only one I've successfully grown.

Inside the dragonfruit. Merv ate it ..goes well with Greek yoghurt.

Think it's an orchard swallowtail one of our common butterflies.

Lorikeets on the birdbath, rainbow and scaly-breasted.

Out for lunch at Bellbowrie Tavern, Merv with John and Cliff Tracy