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With Merv taking fewer photos he has to rely on others for the photos for this website. Failing eyesight is making it hard to see pictures and typewritten messages so here's hoping...  This lot of pics is from those taken by Marg over the last couple of months so is a miscellaneous lot.

Since Merv is not taking the pics he appears in a lot more of them..Sorry about that.

The side yard went from totally brown as seen here in patches, to this in a couple of weeks.

Got to this and then mowed it was looking good but has browned back a bit now and shortly will be brown from the frost.

Merv at work transplanting Kurrajong trees to larger pots

Finished products. Trees are actually Nick's and Catie's

Staghorn and foxtail asparagus on the patio

Staghorn at the other end of the patio

Nick trims the hedge at Jess's and Connor's unit when we took hedge trimmer down.

New petunia plants in pots

Petunias under the elkhorn..

Merv working on Billy's toybox in his shed..

"Working on the box on the patio.

finished box now in use at Billy's house

Like a pizza at times so who made this great one???

Well two pizzas actually...meatlovers with the lot..

The cooks, Jess and Marg..Vary tasty pizzas.

Marg's birthday cards, first designed and printed by Jess and the other designed and drawn by Billy.

Bella with a selection of her dolls she is giving to cousin Parker. Thank you Bella.

Parker and Billy in Billy's trampoline.

LBilly on his trampoline

Jess and Billy

Billy with Nang Nang (grandmother) Sue

Parker and Billy with Nang Nang

Billy with Pa

Billy and Pa watching TV

Merv, Shylah and Billy in the lounge room.

Billy, Pa and food

Pa and Billy on the patio at his place.

Pa and Ma with Billy on his front step

One of Billy's drawings

Billy and Parker out driving..