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 Burrum Heads Visit

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As I prepare this page Mick and Sue are at Burrum Heads with the final load of articles from Charleville. Sue has had three weekend visits there previously for purchasing required items and transporting gear from various storage sites in this area. We accompanied her on two of these trips and Nick, Catie and children also attended on the last trip when we stayed in the house for the first time.

A collection of pics from the three trips.

We stayed and ate at the local hotel/motel and here's proof we won a breakfast tray of meat in a raffle one night

Sue in her kitchen

Sue making our first cup of coffee in the new house

Marg, Merv and Sue with coffee on the front patio

Merv enjoys the front patio watching the traffic or the trees in the breeze

Marg unpacks from boxes to linen cupboard

The linen cupboard but more to come from other sites

Merv unpacks from box to pantry

Merv and Marg unpacking in the kitchen area

That's what the refrigerator looks like

Family bathroom with bath, wash basin and shower

Walk-in wardrobe of master bedroom

Merv has vacated the chair on the front patio

Main bedroom with no bed

The bridge over the lagoon on the wallkway to the beach

Kangaroos and an unmowed walkway up the frontal dune

The tide is out so lots of beach to explore and play on

Or just a place to sit for the over 80s

The sea continues to chew into the frontal dune

Sister Bev came to visit....Marg, Bev, Syd and Merv

Sue and Aunty Bev at new house

Brother and sister at new house..Merv and Bev

Mick on first visit to finished house unloading the load of gear with Nick and Sue's help

Mick and Sue unloading furniture at the new house

Newly purchased and delivered furniture begins arriving

Mick, Nick and Pa unpacking an outdoor sofa

All setup inside.

First meal at a table Catie, Nick, Marg, Merv and Mick and pizza

Congratulations to the new homeowners Sue and Mick

Kangaroos feed on the vacant allotment over the road