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Hamilton James Harvey arrived two weeks early on the  11th March. Sue had arrived from Charleville to Oakey by bus and then brought Marg and Merv by car to Nobbys Beach on the gold Coast to the same unit block as we stayed for the birth of Lola Rose last year.. Catie and Parker arrived here the same day. On the morning of the eleventh Catie rang Nick and suggested he get from work in Brisbane to be with her and at 4pm they headed to hospital where Hamilton was born at 10-24 but not without a few little problems as a caesarian wasn't planned and he was also born with some chest infections so spent an extra couple of days in hospital.

Nick returned to work on Tuesday while Catie and kids remained here at the unit. After the next weekend Catie and the kids returned to Brisbane in pouring rain but returned to the unit the following weekend. Our time here runs out this week so we will all be leaving on Thursday just before Easter. 

Sorry about the similarity of some pics but thanks to those who supplied them....Sue, Jess, Catie and Marg mainly I think.


Catie on the beach with Parker and Billy about 48 hours before Hamilton's birth.

Nick at Catie's head during the caesarian.

The new boy in the family.

All cleaned up and asleep.

For those who want statistics

Nick with his two children, Parker and Hamilton.

The Harvey Family on a hospital bed.

On a seat in the room

Mother and grandmother with children on the bed.

Merv and Marg with the enlarged Harvey Family.

Merv and Marg with Parker and Hamilton

and still it goes

and again

Great-grandmother Marg with Hamilton the day after his birth.

Grandmother Sue with Hamilton and Parker

Sue with Hamilton

Parker and Hamilton

comparing hands...

Parker with Hamilton in his crib

Parker again nursing Hamilton

Parker and Mum in bed

Merv, Hamilton, Marg, Parker and Nick

Aunty Jess gets in for a cuddle.

Ready to head home from hospital

Great-aunt Carol has a cuddle too

A pic of Nick on Tom's arm also exists.

and a close-up

The little man with his Daddy's boots.

Sue;s four grandchildren, Parker, Lola, Billy and Hamilton

That's Parker and Hamilton in the pic but which is which????Parker is on the right..