Lola's First Birthday
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Lola's First Birthday

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Lola turned one during the last month and since her birthday was midweek she had a family celebration for it with a Jungle Theme party on the foreshore at North Burleigh at the weekend with young friends like Jess's football team the main participants.Sue arrived by plane and train, Mick conveyed Marg and Merv by car and Catie drove down and we stayed at the Second Avenue Apartments for those who know the area.Nick only made it for a few hours to make an appearance at the party. 








Out as a family and Dad bought a pair of identical necklaces for mother and daughter

Lola wears her necklace.

Jessica as a young girl for comparative purposes.

Pa, Lola and one of her presents

Mum and Lola on a carousel

Lola and her cake for the family only party..

Marli, Millie, Max and Billy show Jess and Lola how to blow out the candles...if someone had remembered matches.

Lola, Jess and a present

Lola in her arm chair

Jess, Billy and Lola and presents

Catie, Lola, Hamilton and Sue

Parker and Hamilton show Lola what they bought for her.

Sue with her grandsons Billy and Hamilton

Connor and Lola

Connor, Jess, Billy and Lola at Lola's party

Add Connor's Mum, Dee and Jess's Mum, Sue

The cake made by Jess and decorated with jungle and animals by Em.

Some of those in attendance.

Sue and Lola..

Another of Lola and Sue, granddaughter and grandmother

Sue with Billy and Lola

Jess and Lola

Jess and Lola with Jess's schoolfriends, Madi and Matika.

Add mate from High School, Kate, while Lola does cartwheels

Em, Jess, Abby and Lola

Jess with Lola and Billy

Family group.Millie, Max, Lola, Jess, Billy, Catie, Parker and Marli

Nick, Sue and Jess

Blue one is Billy's and pink one Lola's...birthday presents.

Billy and Lola ready for their first day of Daycare