At Lake Bled in Slovenia
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At Lake Bled, Slovenia


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 To meet up with Silke and Michael and tthe twins we drove to Bled a town on a lake in northern Slovenia. When we first visited Bled it was not well known and there were very few tourists.Things have changed with tourists everywhere now and large buses in streets designed for horse traffic.Michael's parents Christian and Margot also came to meet up and Michael found a house to rent where we could all be together for a few days.Silke only flew into Munich that day and so her sister Carina picked her up and drove her to Bled.

Some pics from that time.

Lake Bled and part of the town lakeside

Michael joins the scene

Looking back down the lake with the small island near the far end.

Another view across the lake to the castle.

Well protected this side but one can drive up the other side.

From a bit further away the main church comes into view

The reflections can be very good too though not the best here.

Merv and one of his favourite views.

Steve and David in a popular restaurant

Steve and Marg at the same place

Margot, Timi, Steve and Michael with one of the twins

Silke, Michael, Elif and Noah

That's the castle on the hill mid picture so the gentle slope can be seen.

Same shot closer up

A different view of the castle from the other end of the lake.

Same view without the long lens activated.

That's the restaurant and a hotel we have stayed at a number of times.

Again with the long lens deactivated.

Sisters, Silke and Carina.

The church steeple visible from much of the town.

A swimming complex on the lake shore but it costs to get in there.

Free swimming down this end...

David central pic swimming..

Michael with Noah at the water's edge

David in the water

Monastery Island in Lake Bled

Sailing boats on the lake..

Rowing on the lake...

David in front of one of the lakeside villas.

Here's to Lake Bled.....................