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On a recent trip in to take Mick to his surgeon, Sue also drove us to visit Nick , Catie and Parker in their new apartment in the Coterie Apartment block just two doors from Brunswick Street Station in Fortitude Valley in Brisbane..The block has streets on two sides and is two large towers each twenty-seven storeys high.It has two addresses with 365 St Paul's Terrace and 105-109 Alfred Street ..It's a new block and has had to retain facades of earlier buildings and even the oven of an early bakery but these are obviously only affecting the bottom couple of floors.Nick and Catie are living in a two bedroom apartment on the twenty-fifth floor.There is also a pool and relaxation area on the top of each tower.from which there are some great views over Brisbane.

The tower facing Alfred Street and the entrance to the internal parking area

The bakery facade that had to be retained in the redevelopment of the area.

Nick shows us the huge oven complex inside..

Nick, Merv and Marg and two smaller oven entrances on another side.

The Harvey Family at the entrance to Nick's office area off St Pauls Terrace

The business card handed out by the Manager of the complex.

Sign up to buy an apartment and you get this small gift box

Parker, Nick and Marg in the lounge area of tNick's apartment.

Catie in the background in the kitchen with Parker, Nick, Marg and Merv in the forefound in the lounge/family area.

Nick, Catie and Marg

Parker shows us around the apartment..Here's the shower..

Parker at her piano

Parker's room

Catie and Parker

Parker in her kitchen

Nick reading to Parker

Catie shares the bookreading as well

Parker and Nick

Nick, Catie and Parker on their balcony high above St Pauls Terrace.

Parker on the rooftop with a view of Brisbane behind.

Parker examines the rooftop pool.

Parker relaxes on one of the chairs on the roof.

Marg and Parker enjoying the view from the pool area..

Merv, Nick and Parker enjoying the view from their balcony

Catie and Marg enjoying a different view

So finally enjoy the views for and exhibition grounds are out there somewhere.

A little further to the right of the previous one.

Mount Cootha is just to the right of Merv's head...

That's the centre of Brisbane with all the tall buildings and the railway line to Brunswick Station is in the foreground.

Brunswick Station is the second one on the left below..