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When  trying to clean out some files I found over five hundrred pics from Sue a couple of years old.Have used many of them in this month's edition. Thanks Sue.

The pics used here are all about Michael's and Silke's twins.

Noah on the "kick along" car

Elif playing with small car.

Mum Silke with Noah and Elif

Dad Michael with Noah and Elif

Elif took a liking to David's giraffe.

On another occasion.

Elif giving Pa a big kiss bye

Mick and Noah

Steve and Noah

Michael, David, Elif and Noah at Lake Oreg in Tata

Noah and Elif on the grass at the lake.

Noah trying out David's bike

Elif's turn with Mum's help.

Merv playing with the twins.

Elif interested in Ma taking pics.

Noah back on the red car.

Elif tries out the motorbike.

Merv and Noah

Michael, Noah and David on the hammock.

Noah plays soccer with David.

Noah throwing goals with Mick

Elif's turn,,,

Noah again...

Marg, Silke and Elif

Merv, Marg, Silke and Elif

Silke, Michael, Marg out walking with the twins.

Noah on a swing in a park

Elif wanting someone to push..

Noah and Elif in 2017

Finally, Sue who took most of these pics with Michael and the twins.