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Children in Europe have their long summer holidays during July and August and most would attend some kind  of camp during that time be it a daily attendance or a live-in type. During this summer David attended the daily type in karate (one week), water activities (two weeks), and  farm activities (two weeks. As well he spent considerable time riding his bike on the roads around the house at Tata or along the lakesude track, and working on odd jobs at Baj. This group of pics runs through activities up until early August.

The style of karate David learns is Shotokan .

David set to go riding with his "Deadly Choices}" backpack from Australia.

Steve and David off for a ride around the lake...8 km they tell me.

Modelling while out for a ride along the lake.

Investigating at the water's edge.

That's a large dead freshwater mussel floating at the lake's edge'

swimming in the lake

Just finished sawing that top off a stump of a dead fruit tree at Baj.

Can't work all the time.David has a rest in the hammock at Baj.

Some schoolwork sometimes but it is not his favourite thing.

Not a big fan of reading either but did read some books.

Time for a bit of play with Dad

Playing cards with Pa

In his karate outfit

His group at karate

Another medal to add to his collection.

Amother karate pose in the back yard at Tata

David and a mate wait to inspect an army tank at a local festival. David in red cap.

Dodging the revolving horizontal bars at another festival.

On the trampoline with support ropes at a local festival at Tata.

Potato on a stick at festival

David enjoys a piece of watermelon

He's not averse to eating cake either. Here he shares some dobos torte with Merv.

Doesn't mind hamburger and chips either

Loved this truck at the Classid Car Show because the engine sticks out in front while most trucks in Hungary have the engines under the seats

Think this was about the "spider" on his shirt and the "spyder" parked

Fun in the dodgem cars with Dad

Levi and David watch as Pa cuts a hole in their cardboard fortress so they can fire their nerf guns through it.

David climbing on bars at one of the playgrounds.

David with the key for one of the cellars they visited with friends from Berlin. That's the twin girls behind David.

David's class photo for last year's class. Find David....that's the end.