Visiting Mt Tamborine
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Visiting Mt Tamborine

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Behind the Gold Coast lies a band of National Parks in mountainous terrain. It's a great place to go hiking if one wants time away from the beach. Soon after Lola was born the family Pyke visited the Mount Tamborine area of this park and here are some pics of that.

They have visited the Springbrook since , when they took Marg, Merv and Sue back to spots we visited many years ago.




Connor and Billy sitting on top of a statue at one of the lookouts.

Jess, Billy and Lola on the ground at a lookout.

The family at a lookout point in the park.


Jess with Billy and Lola at the base of one of the large trees


Connor and Billy  found one of their own..

Jess and kids find another tree




Billy meets a scrub turkey along the track.