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Here's a mix of pics from various albums...You could find yourself in one of these sometime...

Please advise me if I have some names wrong as I can't be positive of all personnel.

Remember that if you click on a picture it should come up as an enlarged size for clearer viewing.

Pics of family and friends, from Hamilton Island, Norfolk Island, and New Zealand

Merv and Natalie, granddaughter of Vince and Christine.

on her own...

With her Poppy at Tinaroo Dam

Looking to the north-west from the high point on Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday Group of islands.

Marg and Merv on Hamilton Island

Jean and John on Hamilton Island

Merv and Marg with Darlene who was working on Hamilton Island at this time...

Back in Brisbane, sisters Jean and Marg and Merv

Jess and Nick, Christmas about 2003. Candles were from Wengen Christmas tree the year before.

Nick and Jess with Ma and Pa about 2003 Christmas...

The Harvey family at someone's birthday

Sue with a Christmas scene from Austria and Jess and Nick

Jess with Rex, Sue's and Tom's first dog.

Jess and Nick with friend Jason

Pat, Lyndell,Thea and Marg at Norfolk Island

Merv, Trevor and Geoff on Norfolk Island in the Pacific Ocean.

Our people mover on Norfolk.Merv videoing through the open sunroof.

Little islands off the north coast of Norfolk

Pat on Norfolk Island

Looking to the south from Norfolk Island.

Part of the old cemetery on the beach at Norfolk Island.

More islands but off New Zealand this time.

Merv and Stan on the boat trip around the Bay of Islands

The hole through Piercy Island often called "The Hole in the Rock"

Being a calm day we were able to travel right through the hole

Refreshments at the place built by Zane Grey on one of the islands in the Bay.

Mates Trevor and Geoff in deep discussion at Hastings Road

Steve with Nick and his newly purchased Pajero

Jessand Nick after another big day...

Three ages of Marg...