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Still in the year 2001 and of friends,family ,flowers and the pier at Urangan a suburb of Hervey Bay.

The block of land at Hastings Road was  1.25 acres or 5040 m2 so there were lots of gardens to plant trees and flowers  though drought times caused many to die.

The Urangan pier was started in 1913 and completed at 1124 m in 1917. Coal, timber and sugar were the major products shipped from there though sugar was the big export when I was a child and Grandfather Kerle worked at the wharf loading the ships until hurt in an accident.Newsprint was imported through there also.

By 1960 it became  a port for the importation of fuel and all other shipping ceased.By 1985 so did fuel and it was decided to demolish it completely but public opposition saw 868 m left and taken over by the local authority who carried out the necessary repairs and reopened it to the public in 1999.

Have spent many hours fishing from that pier.

Seven mates at Mickelborough's on Bribie Island

John, Jean and granddaughter T'Shayah

Baby T'Shayah

Steve S , Jane and T'Shayah

T'Shayah, Jane and Grandma Jean

Grandparents, Father and T'Shayah

Ashleigh and Jessica. Second cousins once removed

Nick's Potato Head Project at preschool

Jessica's kangaroo shadow puppet, a preschool activity

Merv as a toddler

Merv's cap from winning cricket premiership with MCC. OK MCC stood for Mondure Cricket Club

Clump of flowers on native frangipanni tree at Hastings Road

Flower spikes of succulent unknown to me at Hastings Road

One of the ornamental grasses growing at Hastings Roadf

Zamia, Gathered as tiny plant from under the parent at Brooweena.

Phlox at the front door Hastings Road

Geranium flower in October at Hastings Road

Bunch of flowers on hoya vine at Hastings Road in October

Even grew strawberries in 2001 at Hastings Road

Prayong mantis waits for prey on a perennial carnation at Hastings Road

Bearded dragons popped up everywhere in the Hastings Road garden

This type of butterfly was an annual visitor to the Hastings Road garden

Single KPS callistemon flower on a tree at Hastings Road

Single callistemon salignus flower at Hastings Road

Callistemon Endeavour flowers at Hastings Road

Grevillea robusta or silky oak tree in flower.

The original pier at Urangan

Train on the pier at Urangan

Ship docked at the pier wharf as seen from the mainland

Up close to the "Leonard"at the pier wharf