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Here's a mix of pics from various albums...You could find yourself in one of these sometime...

Please advise me if I have some names wrong as I can't be positive of all personnel.

Remember that if you click on a picture it should come up as an enlarged size for clearer viewing.

Pics of family and friends, from Westen Australia and New Zealand

Jess and Nick in the shallows at the South Coast.

Nick riding in on a wave on his bogey board

Jess enjoys the water..

Pa with Jess and Nick at Snapper Rocks.

Jess and her sand angel...

Nick and his sand angel

Natalie and Ashleigh from Cairns. Both university age now

One of the three girls from Cairns but we can't agree which one...

Jean and Silke in front of The Eternal Flame War Memorial opposite Central Station in Brisbane.

Jean and Silke at kangaroo sculptures in Brisbane.

Brisbane River through central Brisbane in 2000. It's different today.

Sue, Silke, Steve, Jess and Nick in 2000

Same group with Jean and Merv added.

Waterfall in New Zealand, but can;t remember which one.

Just a pretty little spot in New Zealand.

Pretty also..Marg on a bridge over the Huka River in New Zealand.

Merv attempting the traditional Maori greeting..

Showing different breeds of sheep at the Agrodome just outside Rotorua in New Zealand.

Inside a traditional Maori village.

Storage hut for produce in Maori village.

Merv in part of the Auckland Rose Gardens.

Carol and Marg atop an extinct volcano with the centre of Auckland behind them.

Looking south past Carol from the northernmost point of New Zealand

Merv at Cape Reinga, northernmost tip of New Zealand.

Stan, Carol and our guide at Cape Reinga

Masses of stalactites in a Western Australian cave

Treetop walkway between Denmark and Walpole in Western Australia is forty metres in the air

A view of Perth from Kings Park.

Sculptures of Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie, Gumnut Fairies, in Stirling Park in Perth

Black swan, symbol of Western Australia.