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,  Here's a mix of pics from various albums...You could find yourself in one of these sometime...

Please advise me if I have some names wrong as I can't be positive of all personnel.

Remember that if you click on a picture it should come up as an enlarged size for clearer viewing.

Pics from Wengen and miscellaneous family shots..a couple of friends too.

Marg, Merv, Marie and Alex at Wengen in Switzerland in the rain.

The villa in Wengen where we spent Christmas that year.

Jess and Tom in front of the villa in the snow.

Tom, Sue and Jess out on the snow.

Nick, Jess and Merv on the front balcony of their apartment.

Nick and Jess.There's a very deep glacial valley between there and the mountain in the background.

The Stacher Family visited and here with Steve, Tom, Nick and Jess.

Nick and Jess sliding down the slope

Walking through a new fall of snow.

Nick and Jess and snow covered mountains.

Steve and Nick inside one of the apartments.

Merv and Steve taking it easy on a couple of the large couches.

Sue, Silke, Nick and Jess. Silke brought the snow gear for the family from her family in Austria.

Silke, Tom and Mark relaxing out of the snow.

Ashleigh, Natalie and Holly..Perri's and Chris's daughters. Two now at university

A family day out at Seaworld when Steve and Timi were visiting.

Family at Seaworld.

The Harvey Family on a day out at Wet and Wild on the Gold Coast.

Sue, Marg, Nick and Jess on the balcony of our rented unit on the Gold Coast.

Marg, Kathy and Shirley

Anne and Marg

Marg and unknown baby

Timi and Steve on one of their visits.

Jess, Shirley, Marg and Merv

A Christmas shot from the Harveys.

Tom, Sue, Steve, Nick and Jess

Our family as it was then...

Looks like another birthday party

Baptism Day for Nephew Jason's first daughter..Lyn and Darryl his Mum and Dad and wife Amanda also there.

Jason and Lydia