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,  Here's a mix of pics from various albums...You could find yourself in one of these sometime...

Please advise me if I have some names wrong as I can't be positive of all personnel.

Remember that if you click on a picture it should come up as an enlarged size for clearer viewing.

There are mostly pics from Disneyland , Paris  but a couple still from Tasmania. Unfortunately the scanned pics on file are not in chronological order.

We arrived in Paris but our luggage was delayed in Munich for a few hours. Alex, Marie and Mark were already in Paris and Steve arrived from Budapest later the same night.




Some of the remaining buildings at the Port Arthur convict settlement in Tasmania

Attractive waterfall in Tasmania

Bridge in park in Launceston, Tasmania

Merv with the Harvey Family and the orchid display in Singapore airport

The Disney hotel where we stayed. Our room was second top floor to the left but not visible in this pic.

First night in Paris Alex and Tom had a party time....

Merv had one drink and headed to bed with no clothes until the next morning.

The Harveys in the hotel at Disneyland Paris

Another pic in a different place in hotel

Steve with the Harveys in the Disneyland Hotel

Jess and Nick at Disneyland Hotel Paris

Tom and Sue in the Disneyland Hotel Paris

Marg and Merv in Disneyland Hotel Paris

A group of us ready for breakfast in the dining room overlooking the park.

Steve, Nick and Jess and one of the cartoon characters found all over the park and also in the breakfast area.

Alex and Jess with Eeyore

Nick and Jess meet up with Tigger

Minnie with Nick and Jess

Mickey with Nick and Jess

Nick, Jess and another of the characters

Marg, Marie and Jessica in front of one of the rides.

Marie, Alex and Mark at Disneyland Paris

Excalibur wouldn't come out of the rock for Nick.

The Castle at Disneyland Paris

Tom,Nick, Sue and Jess in front of the Castle.

Nick and Sue on a carousel

Mark, Nick, Steve and Tom about to go on a ride. Jess had just found out she was too short to go.

Steve, Nick, Sue and Jess in front of another ride

One of the floats in the afternoon parade.

Even Santa and his reindeer were there because we were approaching Christmas.