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Trip to Murgon


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We recently made a trip back to Marg's home town and Merv's home area with John and Annette....John and Annette stayed in their van while Merv and Marg stayed in a villa at Bjelke -Petersen Dam just outside Murgon.Though the visit was prompted by the fact that Marg's sister Lyn is now a resident of the nursing home there, it was great to visit and catch up with some cousins as well and to spend a short time with Lyn's husband Darryl


John and Annette park the van at Bjelke Petersen Dam while Merv and Marg watch..No Marg took a picture.

Yarakool Park is a very pleasant spot for campers especially those who enjoy fishing





Setting up complete so time for a coffee




View from the front verandah of our villa


Sav blanc goes well anywhere and there are a number of wine growers in the area

Annette and Merv on the front verandah of our rented villa

Merv and John in the same place




Annette captured a sunset view 


Marg,Annette, John, Darryl and Merv and lunch at Moffatdale Ridge winery


Marg enjoyed her lamb shanks

Sightseeing in the old area of Kerkow selections.




Marg points to a pic of her grandfather's bakery which is now a coffee shop run by a cousin.

Marg on the steps of the bank building where she worked but it's now in the Museum there.

Siblings, Marg, Lyn and John. Unfortunately Lyn is not well.