Christmas Morning in Charleville
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Christmas Morning in C'ville

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Ma helped Parker leave food for Santa and the reindeers and Nick and Catie set up a special site near their bedroom for Parker to find when she woke early and would not interrupt the sleep of others.Parker's presents upstairs were all opened before others woke up but some under the  tree were opened with the adults after breakfast.

Ma and Parker prepare refreshments for Santa and the reindeers.Beer and biscuits  for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

Inspecting the crumbs next morning...

Parker, Nick and Catie and the empty present bag with the big P for Parker. The present bag is usually called a "Santa Sack" in our family.




Parker's bag and surrounds the next morning.

Mum, Dad and Parker enjoying the early morning/



Catie reads one of Parker's new books to her


Nick and Parker play..

Sue with a present delivered by Parker.


Mick checks a present while Sue watches on and Parker returns to the tree to find another present.

Nick shows off some new socks

Parker shares a cuddle with Marie





Merv heads outside to begin pulling apart his sunflower of sratch it tickets

Pa's present from Nick came from Alice Springs.

Jess and Connor gave Ma and Pa a pair of coffee cups with pics from Lola's baptism on them..