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Steve continues to get lots of exercise working at his allotments at Baj and has the tradesmen in when necessary. Some pictures from the last month.

Looking from the back patio towards the back fence. Garden shed to the left and the new covered area in the right hand corner.

Looking from the garden shed towards the front gate. Our flat was the one on the right while main building is on the left.

The front left side of the main building.



Tiling work on and around the front step.

The tiler is also working on the back patio..




Looking from the house on B4 allotment across towards the hill before he started making terraces.

Terraces beginning to take shape..

Looking back the other way with the house behind the trees from this angle.


Steve at work on the terrace area.

David helps and did take the pic of Steve but also believes in relaxing often.

Heaps of stones and old bricks at the far end of the allotments at B4



Could have been at Hastings Road forty years ago. This area was waist high in grass and weeds when we were there last year.

Another view of the same area.. There's a mound of dirt there somewhere also.

The view..lucerne flats in front, Baj village  followed by Tata town and the wind turbines in the distance.