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Backyard Transformation

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It isn't a large area but it has gone through a number of changes as they improve the look of the backyard at Tata. It still is not complete but is looking good.

A trench digger removes a clump of hazel nut tree roots from the backyard at Tata,

New water pipes had to be installed as well so the backyard was almost a ploughed paddock.

Steve has bought many paving blocks and tried them in various formats to arrive at the current design.



Add top dressing, grass seed and some strategically placed ropes and it starts to look great.

The storage shed from another angle. Note there are still pebbles around that central pine tree.



Working on the section in front of the storage shed. All the pebbles have been removed and pavers are being trialled.

Then top dressed and grass seed planted.

Meantime extensions to the existing back gate are being trialled.


The back terrace was tiled but the tiles started to lift so had to be removed. Here the original tiles are in place.

Ready and waiting for the new tiles now planned for laying in October.

Pavers to the existing back gate. This will change whwn the new fence goes in but it's already six months late.


Looking from the back gate towards the Guest House.

Steve preparing to light up his barbecue in the backyard.

Steve mows the backyard.